One of the most destructive wildfire seasons in Texas history has come to an end.  The year 2011 saw $337 million spent by the Texas Forest Service fighting fires here in the Lone Star State.

The end of the 2011 season is really just an accounting event.  The danger is still as high as ever, and Texas resources are already being allocated for the 2012 fire season which is underway now.


The forest service just needs an end point to assess the numbers for this past year, and so they mark November 30th as the date to do the accounting.  Rain is in our forecast now through the coming weekend, with chances up to 60 percent as we get to Saturday, December 3rd.  Let's hope we get soaked.  The video below is a look at several fires this past year, with much of the footage from the big Bastrop fire.  It's a strong reminder to stay vigilant and safe as dry conditions overall are expected to continue ahead of this weekend: (via

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