I did some cleaning over the weekend. A major re-organization. The kind that takes hours. After making my way through the closets, I ended up in the kitchen. At that point, I knew I had a job ahead of me. I've been meaning to clean out my pantry and spice cabinet for months. The time was at hand.

I'm the type of guy that loves cooking with spices so I have quite the cabinet. I don't know too much about the shelf life of food and spices so I began some quick research. Come to find out there are some foods that almost never expire. Scroll below and see which ones you might have in your kitchen cabinet.

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pancakes with maple syrup
Photo: Magone

Maple Syrup

Who doesn't love a generous helping of maple syrup on their pancakes? Experts say syrup has an indefinite shelf life which means it can last for years.


wooden bowl with sugar granulated isolated on white background
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You either love it or hate it. While some can't get enough of it, others are concerned about its health risks. Either way, sugar lasts several years when kept in an air-tight container. Although expiration dates are printed on packages, many argue the shelf life of sugar goes way beyond.


Photo: Think Stock

White Rice

Check this out. Studies show that white rice can keep its nutritional value and stay relatively fresh for up to 30 years. The key is to keep the rice in an air-tight container.


jar of honey with honeycomb on wooden table
Photo: nitrub/Getty Images


Honey is used widely in baked goods, smoothies, and more. When bees make honey, enzymes in their stomachs make the sticky liquid resistant to bacteria. This helps honey last an extra-long time.


Bag of sea salt
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Salt is a mineral. Because of its chemical makeup, it is extremely effective in removing moisture, and also lasts an incredibly long time. Salt containing iodine is different and has a shorter shelf life.

While I was prepared to replace some of these items after the kitchen clean-out, I was pleasantly surprised to see there is still some use that can come from them.

Now my kitchen is organized and set to go for the big Thanksgiving meal arriving in just weeks. What will you have on your Thanksgiving table this year? Look below for some must-not-miss items.

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