So you're hosting a Super Bowl party, now what? Yes, you need to make sure you have enough beer and food, but to pull off a really fun Super Bowl party there are a things that, even though they aren't big, they will make a big difference in the fun factor of your party.  

ibtimes listed 10 ideas, but I found these five ideas the best.

1. Start early! Who says the party has to start when the game does? There is a ton of pre-game programming. Even if there isn't it's good for all your friends have the chance to visit before the game.

2. Have at least two TVs. Yes, the main activity will be in the living room, but how about putting one in the kitchen? You know people will be venturing in there for snacks. The kitchen has always been a great room for a gathering no matter how large or small. Another great place for a television is outside on the patio or porch area.

3. Have a football ready for halftime. Go outside and throw the ball around a bit. Believe it or not, not everyone is interested in the halftime show. Some of your guests might appreciate a little exercise and the fresh air.

4. Any of your friends a little artistic? See if they might be interested in some face painting. This sounds like a really great idea especially if there are going to be kids running around.

5. Play some games and don't forget the prizes. You could play a game of Super Bowl Trivia. Here are some other ideas for some games to play. As far as prizes they don't have to be anything big. It's the bragging rights that count, right?

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