We all have things about this town that we don't like, even though this is one of the best places to be! Here are a few of my dislikes about Abilene.


Abilene Streets

The streets in Abilene are horrible. There are pot holes, cracks and warped roads all over town. Some of them have been resurfaced only to be in the same condition just a few months later. We have to find some way of fixing these problems, it's ruining tires and cars, which aren't cheap to fix.

Drainage System

This year has been unusual, in the fact that we have had a ton of rain. It's also shown us that Abilene has a major drainage problem. Street pumps on 1st street don't work, water along the freeway and neighborhoods has no place to go causing major flooding. Again, we need a solution to fixing this problem for the future.


Having recently been shopping for Christmas, there doesn't seem to be much selection for middle-aged women, like myself. There are tons of shops for teens and those under 30 but for nice working clothes or even casual attire (other than sweats) there just isn't much selection. Many stores have clothes that either don't cover much or are for grannies. Come on buyers, you're missing a whole generation that needs and wants to look stylish too.


This can include kids and older adults. There's the movies and bars and a few occasional Broadway type shows at the Civic Center. Yes, we have nice events throughout the year but on a steady basis there isn't much in the way of entertainment. Maybe a botanical garden for the Spring and Summer, a huge aquarium like Dallas, Galveston and Houston have, professional sports (we now have arena football back) etc.

Six Degrees of Separation

Actually, this can be good and bad. Everybody knows everybody's business. Sometimes this can be a good thing, but more and more it's just gossip and drama we don't need. This is a relatively small town and I like that but too small to have privacy sometimes.

Restaurant Diversity

If you don't like Mexican food, BBQ or burgers you are in trouble in this town. I've run into this problem trying to find a place for my rehearsal dinner. There just isn't a lot of choice as to where to go.


I don't know anyone who doesn't gripe about the traffic in Abilene. It's not like Dallas or Houston or Austin where we are bumper to bumper and standing still for hours on end, but rather impatience and narcissism. We don't have long commute times in Abilene but everyone is always rushing to get somewhere and then think they own the road, everyone is to yield to them, which will turn into an unnecessary wreck or road rage. So slow down and watch out for each other, please!

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