Earlier this week, a man went to the hospital in Fuzhou, Fujian, China. His name hasn't been released...which is lucky for him...because he told the doctors he had stomach pains and had NO IDEA what was causing them.

That was a lie.  And not a particularly good one.

Because when the doctors took X-rays of him, the source of his pain was clear: There was a BEER BOTTLE stuck inside his rear end...AND a COAT HANGER!

The guy admitted he'd put the bottle there himself...and it got stuck. So he came up with the brilliant solution of straightening a wire coat hanger, and using it to hook the bottle and drag it out. But the hanger got stuck TOO.

The doctors were able to successfully remove the bottle and the coat hanger, but the guy had some pretty serious internal injuries. He's still recovering.

Here's the x-ray:

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

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