Last month, there was a story in the news about a letter someone in Ontario wrote to their neighbor, calling their autistic son a "nuisance."  But here's something to restore your faith that not EVERYONE is a total jerk yet.

On Friday, a woman named Ashley England went out to dinner with her family at the Stag 'n Doe Pizza House in China Grove, North Carolina. And she brought her 8-year-old son Riley along.

Riley is non-verbal, and suffers from epilepsy.  And in the middle of dinner, he started screaming and banging on the table, which Ashley freely admits was disturbing the other customers.  But she's used to people complaining.

That's not what happened this time though.  Instead, one of the waitresses walked up to their table with tears in her eyes, and explained that another customer had paid for their entire DINNER.  We don't know how much the bill was, but still...awesome.

And she was crying because they'd also left a note that read, quote, "God only gives special children to special people."  Ashley was so moved by it, she posted the note on Facebook, and she's trying to track the person down.

Which might happen, because the note's already been shared thousands of times online.

You can check out the note here:


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