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Last February, I posted an experience I had at a grocery store and posted it on my Facebook page. Since it's Veteran's Day I thought today was a great time to tell the story again.

I stopped by Albertsons and met a wonderful gentleman in his 80's. As he was doing a little shopping, he was coming up to other shoppers and telling a few jokes, as he said "to spread some smiles."

As he approached me I noticed the military war medals pinned all the way down his tie! He told me a few jokes and asked if I'd like to hear more. I said "Yes!" He told me a few more, then I asked him about his medals. He told me he served during WWII in Germany. He pointed to his Purple Heart and said that he had injured his leg really bad. When he recovered he went back out and fought. He said "We had to put Hitler out of business."

His name is Ted Rauh. If you have the privilege, like I did, to meet this man, please take a few minutes out of your busy day. Ask him about his service to our country, ask him about his medals. His jokes will bring a smile to your face and his stories will touch your heart.

God Bless Ted and every man and woman who has fought for our country and those that are fight now. You are true Heroes and we owe you so much!

Today and always, I have a lot of people to thank in my family for their service to our country. From my Grandfather in WWI to my dad in WWII to my brothers and a brother-in-law's service in the Air Force. Plus my mother-in-law and father-in-law who both  service in Vietnam. And this year a thank you to Ted and to the veterans I have never had the pleasure to meet.

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