What started off as a cough eventually turned into a covid diagnosis, but now Lindsey Phelps is fighting for her life in a Chicago hospital.

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Lindsey was diagnosed with covid on April 23rd then admitted to the hospital on the 25th. What happened next is heartbreaking.

On April 28th, she lapsed into an unconscious state where she would remain until July 14th. During the time period, Lindsey's lungs deteriorated to the point of needing an ECMO device, which is basically a lung outside of her body to keep her alive. Her family was able to secure her an ECMO room in an Oklahoma City hospital.

As if all of that wasn't enough, Lindsey suffered from a sinus pause which is where her heart stopped, all due to a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs).

July 29th, Lindsey was transported to Northwestern-Chicago for a double lung transplant evaluation.

Currently, Lindsey is actively working with the therapy teams to improve her physical condition. Once she reaches a few more milestones, including being able to stand on her own, she will be re-evaluated for being put on the organ recipient list and begin the process of undergoing a double-lung transplant. [Kyle Phelps]

Once Lindsey receives the double-lung transplant, her family will have to move to Chicago for at least a year while she goes through rehab.

Her family, I haven't mentioned yet, has been exhausting all efforts to help keep Lindsey alive. Lindsey is a wife, daughter, sister, and most importantly, a mother to two young boys who desperately miss their mommy.

The move to Chicago will come with a great expense as if the medical bills haven't already. Please find it in your heart to help Lindsey and her family during the most traumatic time of their lives. You can donate on Facebook as well as GoFundMe.

In the player above, you can listen to my interview with Lindsey's husband Kyle Phelps to learn more in-depth about Lindsey's battle.

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