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It has been a very active spring at the Abilene Zoo, there have been several new arrivals thus far and I'm sure more arrivals are expected through the end of the year. The Abilene Zoo is growing both in literal size with the expansion and in the animals that are being born or are arriving at the zoo.

The newest arrival that just happened several days ago was the birth of a steenbok. A steenbok is a small antelope that are common in southeastern Africa. Steenboks are pregnant for roughly seven months and the babies will nurse for about three months. Visitors to the Zoo might be able to catch a glimpse of baby steenbok but you'll have to look hard because they are so small.

Okay, then there is the Pink Flamingos as I've always referred to them as. A couple of them have also been able to lay some eggs recently. The downside to that is, that the eggs are not fertile however, they are laying eggs as you'll see in the photo below. Things are looking hopeful.

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Then there was the orphaned Great Horned owlet that the Abilene Zoo's caretakers were able to put with the Zoo's Great Horned owl named Einstein. That baby owl is doing great and I'll add "they grow up so fast!"

In March of this year, there were the recent births of the two giant anteaters that were born at the Abilene Zoo. The caretakers at the zoo had to hand-raise the female that was born because the momma was not able to feed both. So, the zoo officials cared for that one and now they're all back together again as one big happy family. They are so cute and fun to watch.

The first birth of the year at the Abilene Zoo was the Blue Duikers on February 3rd.

Let us not forget the first birth at the Abilene Zoo was on February 3rd when baby blue duiker was born. As a guest of the Abilene Zoo, it was difficult to see the newest blue duiker because they are so tiny. Nonetheless, the baby and parents are growing and doing well.

Just yesterday, I saw that my friend Clay Carabajal the Marketing Director at the Abilene Zoo shared on his Facebook the newest hatchling and a native to our Lone Star State a baby roadrunner. Clay added, "Say hello to our little roadrunner, it's also the mascot of the University I attended."

So as to head over to the Abilene Zoo, keep your eyes wide open for all the new additions happening at the zoo, whether it is in the growth or the new arrivals. To buy tickets to visit the Abilene Zoo this summer go to abilenezoo.org.

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