The Abilene Zoo just announced that it plans to open May 18, 2020. However, there will be some special guidelines that zoo visitors will have to abide by. One of which is the 'social distancing' keeping at least six feet apart from other zoo visitors.

Feeding the giraffes, ducks and fish will be allowed. The zoo will be open seven days a week between 9 am to 5 pm and the admission gates will close at 4 pm. Limited capacity of 25% occupancy will be strictly adhered to.

Jesse Pottebaum the Zoo's Executive Director  says "the zoo store and concessions will be open and picnicking will be allowed." The Abilene Zoo is following the guidelines as set by the City of AbileneTaylor County Health District and the CDC.

The video below describes how the money the Abilene Zoo raises is spent on caring for the animals there.

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