The historic Paramount Theatre (352 Cypress St) in downtown Abilene is upping the horror ante for Halloween 2021 with a two-night presentation of Jordan Peele's iconic thriller Get Out on Saturday and Sunday, October 30 and 31, at 7:30 PM.

Wanna get tickets?

Get Out has a runtime of one hour and 43 minutes, and there will be no intermission during either screening. This film is rated 'R', so leave the kids at home. Click here to purchase tickets to see Get Out at the Paramount Theatre over Halloween weekend.

2017's Get Out and its director Jordan Peele received multiple Oscar nominations when it was first released, in addition to reaching Internet cult status and ridiculously high revenue. Its release during a turbulent political climate and a dedicated following online among horror and thriller film fans has made it a year-round favorite, especially popular on Halloween.

The film stars Daniel Kaluuya as a New York photographer who heads upstate for the weekend with his girlfriend (played by Allison Williams) to meet her parents. Initially, the parents' conversations are written off as bizarre reactions to their daughter's interracial marriage, but the main character learns that the entire neighborhood is up to much more sinister and straight-up evil things. To quote the film's tagline: "Just because you're invited, doesn't mean you're welcome."

Other upcoming screenings included in the historical epic Gone With the Wind, the Christmas films Home Alone and White Christmas, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding at the end of December. You can check out the Paramount Theatre online for more information about these and other upcoming events.

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