Absinthe isn't just a strong-flavored liquor with a storied history, it's a drinking experience. Most likely you aren't going to be sent to Neverland by the Green Fairy, but you can still turn a glass of absinthe into an event. Tradition and ritual play a huge part in the making and enjoyment of this wormwood distillation that was once intended to cure ailments. These seven accessories will help you partake of absinthe in the way it was meant to be savored.

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    An absinthe glass ($15) is the most important part of your absinthe experience. Having a glass that's specially designed for drinking absinthe is where your enjoyment of the beverage should begin. The bubble glass is the best way to start your collection. Based on an antique design, this glass has a reservoir where the absinthe sits until the water drips in and forces it up into a delightful louche.

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    The absinthe fountain ($240) will be the centerpiece of your absinthe ritual. The key to a great glass of absinthe is the perfect ratio of ice cold water to liquor, usually 1:3 or 1:5, and a touch of sugar. A good fountain will add beauty to your tasting and create a flawless glass of absinthe.

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    The absinthe ritual is nothing without the absinthe spoon ($15). There are a variety of choices in the spoon arena, so the sky is the limit on what kind of spoon. It doesn't have to be a fancy spoon. It just has to rest on the glass, hold a cube of sugar and look awesome while you drip ice cold water into your drink to release the Green Fairy.

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    A dripper ($45) is like a Keurig for your absinthe. Not having enough of the green stuff for an entire fountain pour? Just put a dripper on your glass and let the balancier serve up a classic glass of absinthe, beautifully louched and full of flavor.

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    Sugar Dish (and Cubes)

    Any absintheur will tell you that you can do a lot of things with absinthe, but you shouldn't leave out the sugar. Your visual presentation will match your flavor presentation with a special sugar dish ($24) and individual sugar cubes, made specifically for your absinthe ritual.

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    The absinthe isn't going to taste different because you have an absinthe saucer ($10), but if you're after an authentic experience, you should add the saucer. It protects your table from condensation, and provides a resting place for your spoon. A traditional saucer will have the bar price of the absinthe, although not adjusted for inflation.

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    Water Carafe

    Finally, a traditional water carafe ($23) can be a conversation piece at your absinthe table. When having absinthe at a cafe, a carafe was used to pour water slowly into a glass of absinthe. Historically, a cafe carafe would have writing on the inside that would be magnified when the carafe was filled with water. Okay, the conversation is short, but by the time you've shared that fact, you've had absinthe and other topics will spring to mind.

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