So, I'm hearing for the first time about adult coloring books. I guess I've been under a rock because they are supposedly all the rage.  At first, I was thinking "adult" meant not for kids eyes, if you know what I mean? Who knew, they are real coloring books?

If you are into adult coloring books, then get ready because now you can turn those Instagram photos of yours into your very own coloring book. It's called Color Me Book. All you do is upload pictures from your Instagram account that you want to color. You can make a five-page book or just do one page at a time. The site also has different themed books to download.

As for what pictures are the best to make into your very own coloring book, it's suggested to upload pictures of people and pets. Personally, I think all those Instagram vacation photos would work, too.

Most people use coloring pencils, but I found a video on using watercolors.

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