In a move that seems counter-intuitive in today's automated and computerized world, Albertson's is eliminating self-checkout lanes from all of its 100 stores. The reason? More human interaction with customers. A spokeswoman for the stores said that Albertson's 'wants the opportunity to talk to customers more.'

The bigger grocery chain Kroger is also experimenting with removing automated checkouts in at least one store here in Texas.

A recent survey of how people view those self-service lanes might surprise you. The survey indicates that 35% of store customers like the automated lanes, while 65% said they either dislike them or use them only when they have to.

Speaking for myself, I use them when I only have a couple of items and want to get out of a store quickly, but I hate them for checking out a big bill of groceries.

What do you think? Will Albertson's set the tone for grocery chains? Will customers like having face time with checkers? Our Abilene Albertson's did away with the automated lanes probably a year ago and replaced them with staffed  'express' lanes. I really have enjoyed shopping there and having that personal, human touch. It seems to be going away in more and more areas of our society. (via

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