Rejoice, citizens! After deleting his Twitter account in a fit of rage last month, Alec Baldwin is back.

But don't expect another rant. From what we can tell, he's just been using it to retweet jokes about Anthony Weiner's press conference on National Hot Dog day.

As Baldwin explained to Howard Stern about his return, "The issue is, if you abandon the account you have, Twitter doesn't allow you to lock up that account. Someone else will take your name."

Which goes and ruins all our nefarious plans.

"I've spoken to like, ‘Bob Twitter,’ the guy that owns Twitter," Alec added. "His name is actually Bob Twitterberg and I called Bob Twitterberg and I said, 'Can I hold on to this account?' They said no."

(They probably also said "stop making things up, there is no Bob Twitterberg.")

Stern then reminded Baldwin how much trouble he's gotten into on Twitter -- after all, it's where he angered even the likes of typically mild-mannered Anderson Cooper -- so maybe he should just stop tweeting altogether.

"That really is what should be on my tombstone," the notoriously hot-headed actor mused. "‘He tweeted too much.'"

Then he showed off the wicked sense of humor that made us love him on '30 Rock' by deciding the inscription should instead read, "Here Lies Alec Baldwin. #dead."

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