A birdie isn't the only animal with a presence on this golf course.

An alligator with a fish in its mouth was spotted walking on the golf course at Seven Springs Golf and Country Club in Trinity, Fla. last week.

The gator headed to a little pond with its catch. Smart move by the golfers letting the creature do its thing. Many of us have been on the links behind a foursome that's moving too slowly and while you may yell at them, you probably didn't fear them biting your head off. In this instance, though, you'd have to legitimately worry about this animal biting your head off.

Norma Respess was one of the people out for a day on the links and was blown away by the surprise intruder. "That's amazing. I've never seen that before," she said. That's saying something, considering Florida is known for it's wacky stories.

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