It was recently revealed that the folks behind 'American Idol' were planning to wipe their entire judges table clean and start anew admist plummeting ratings. But with the series at a personal all-time low, could a past 'Idol' standout reinvigorate it? It's been revealed that former contestant and Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson has signed on as judge for the next season.

Multiple sources have confirmed to E! that the former 'Smash' star is onboard to judge the next season of 'Idol' hopefuls as Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban make their panel exits. With the NBC series officially at an end, she needed something to do other than continuing to hawk Weight Watchers on all of us. But the addition is looking to be the start of a bigger plan to up the show's popularity.

Aside from Hudson, former 'Idol' winner Kelly Clarkson is allegedly close to signing on, while past series standouts Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken are eyed to fill a third spot. Our money is on Lambert, as he was reportedly in talks to join the last panel.

"It's 'Idol' alums bringing in the next generation," remarked an unnamed source on FOX's ploy to highlight their superstar alums. As the Nicki Minaj-Mariah Carey on- and off-camera feud failed to boost ratings, perhaps this reminder that 'American Idol' actually has the potential to produce big names will help up their game.

Hudson is certainly a big name -- though she did not win 'Idol,' she went on to star in 'Dreamgirls,' for which she won a Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. On top of that, she became the face of Weight Watchers and a lead on the now-canceled 'Smash.' So what'd you think? Does she have what it takes to save 'American Idol' from poor ratings and match it back up to shows like 'The Voice'?

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