If you haven't heard, Arizona's governor, Jan Brewer, has a bill on her desk passed by the state legislature that would allow any business to turn away gay and lesbian customers. If she doesn't veto it, it becomes a law.

But it's generating serious criticism from a few different places...

1.  Next year's Super Bowl is scheduled to be in Arizona. And yesterday, an NFL spokesman said that if Arizona goes through with this law, the NFL will strongly consider moving the Super Bowl to a different state.

Quote, "Our policies emphasize tolerance and inclusiveness and prohibit discrimination."  (USA Today)

2.  A few months ago, Apple announced plans to open a new plant in Arizona, which would create 2,000 jobs. But Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, happens to be gay, and Apple has always taken a strong pro-gay rights stance.

So they've encouraged Brewer to veto the bill...and there's an implication they might think about putting their plant elsewhere if it happens. Other companies that have encouraged Brewer to veto are Marriott and American Airlines.  (Wall Street Journal)

3.  And if you want to see a great takedown of an Arizona state senator who supports the bill, watch his appearance on "Anderson Cooper 360" from Monday...where Anderson just DEMOLISHES him.  (Huffington Post)

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