In the Northeast, people are swarming to beg, borrow, steal and even purchase last-minute emergency supplies to prepare for the worst of Hurricane Sandy. However, many stores are running out of those items, leaving people to return home empty-handed.

But people aren't giving up. Numerous larger stores in the area are doing their best to restock supplies like generators, flashlights, water and batteries, as states from North Carolina to Connecticut have declared emergencies before the hurricane makes landfall (expected sometime Monday night).

Power outages seem nearly certain for millions, and businesses like Sears and Lowe's say they are shuttling truckloads of generators into the area; Home Depot claims that they cannot keep plywood, hurricane shutters, ice chests and battery-powered radios on their shelves.

Overall, all of the larger retail outlets are working to replenish all of the highly targeted inventory items that people need to battle this hurricane. Problem is, will it be too late? East Coast officials are warning residents to be prepared, like yesterday, as the impact of this storm could have them stuck at home for nearly a week.


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