A baby zebra reportedly died after being chased by an ostrich at Disney World's Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando, Fla.

According to a report, numerous eyewitnesses posted about a young zebra that had died at the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort in a Disney Facebook group.

The zebra was allegedly being chased by an ostrich when it ran into a fence at the hotel, fatally injuring itself. Zebras are similar to horses in the sense that when running at high speeds, they can easily injure themselves if they come into contact with an object.

Many social media posts reported that Cast Members on site were in tears after the incident. A handful of people on social media posted about the incident and their heartache for the zebra's mother.

It is unclear which Hartmann's mountain zebra died. However, the park recently welcomed its newest member, named Zarina, who was born in October 2021. A zebra named Zoey gave birth to Zarina and the pair have been inseparable on the savanna grounds at the resort.

Zarina was named in honor of Walt Disney World's golden 50th anniversary, as her name means "golden one" in Persian.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge features three 11-acre savanna areas with natural-looking barriers to keep species in certain areas of the land. It is unknown at which savanna the accident took place.

The Sunset Savanna features male giraffes, bongos, impalas, ostriches, Thompson gazelles, African crown cranes, storks and blue cranes and more. The Arusha Savanna is home to pelicans, geese, giraffes, ankole, zebras, wildebeest and more. The Uzima Savanna features giraffes, impalas, kudus, bongos, Thompson gazelles.

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