Having had asthma since I was a small child, I know a thing or two about breathing problems. For years now mine has been controlled, and I can't remember the last time I had to use a rescue inhaler. However, recently, from seemingly out of nowhere, I started having more forced breathing and wheezing. This prompted me to make an appointment with a doctor buddy of mine.

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My immediate thought was allergies. After all, airborne allergies are one of the most powerful triggers for wheezing and labored breathing. I've had all the allergy tests you could imagine, even consulting with specialists. After being thoroughly checked over, my doctor friend turns and tells me my wheezing may not be related to airborne allergens at all but some of the food I eat.

This is something I hadn't thought of but made sense being that I had to recently change up my diet. Take it from me and my asthma, your lungs are vital. Protect them at all costs. Wise Thoughts sought out five different foods that may trigger breathing problems. Asthma or not, breathing issues are something nobody needs. Let's get you in the know and look at these potential trigger foods.


Fresh Baked Bread
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Foods like pasta and white rice are also included here. These foods produce higher carbon dioxide when metabolized - not beneficial for your lungs. They also tend to aggravate phlegm production resulting in difficulty breathing.


Fresh broccoli isolated on white background
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Though vegetables have nutrients and vitamins that are good for you, they can sometimes cause breathing problems. The problem is these kinds of vegetables cause bloating and gas which can result in respiratory issues. If you're feeling wheezy, try limiting vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli.


Photo: xfotostudio/Getty Images
Photo: xfotostudio/Getty Images

Alcohol and Wine

Be cautious of red wine. Wine contains sulfates that are not good for the lungs and can trigger asthma attacks. Party responsibly. Drinking excessive alcohol can also affect your breathing.


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With all the salt and saturated fat, processed foods are among the culprits that can trigger breathing issues. Excessive salt intake can cause water retention in the body, resulting in fluid leaking into your lungs and making breathing difficult and painful.


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Ice Cream/Dairy

These foods produce more mucus in the respiratory tract that can cause breathing complications. If you encounter any kind of stuffy nose, sinus infection, or other congestive symptoms, limit your intake.

So, if you're dealing with wheezing the breathing issues, it may be as simple as analyzing your diet. Once you've narrowed down the culprit, you may also consider asking your doctor if you might be allergic to that food.

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