A new biopic  film on Dennis Wilson is in pre-production stages and beginning filming in California. The biography, titled 'The Drummer', will be produced in collaboration with the Wilson estate with children Jennifer and Carl B. Wilson involved.

Actor Aaron Eckhart will play Dennis Wilson and is currently taking piano and drum lessons in order to perform in the movie. Eckhart is known for his roles in 'The Dark Knight' and 'No Reservations'. He is 43 years old.  (see his photo below)

Aaron Eckhart (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

This bio will focus on the last six years of Wilson's life, leading up to his 1983 drowning death. Dennis was heavily addicted to cocaine an alcohol, both of which contributed to his untimely death at the age of 39.

The screenplay was written by Jody Savin and will be directed by her husband Randall Miller.  The team is best known for their work on the recent Sundance Film Festival hit 'Bottle Shock'.

The music just might be the main attraction, since it will be taken from Dennis Wilson's excellent solo album 'Pacific Ocean Blue'.  The album is still in print and readily available online and even on vinyl lp.  Dennis was aptly called 'The Real Beach Boy', as he embraced surfing and the entire lifestyle depicted by the band in song.  There is no release date set for the movie, and as of this writing, it was still being shopped for distribution.  Check out a video of Dennis with The Beach Boys, singing lead on 'Do You Wanna Dance':  (via DigitalSpy.com)