Colorado, Washington, Alaska, even Washington D.C. have all taken measures to legalize weed to some degree, and now Texas could be set to decriminalize Marijuana. What do you think?

On Texas Independence Day, March 2, State Representative for Ward 7 David Simpson from Longview, Texas introduced the 24 Page Bill that could legalize marijuana in the Lonestar State. On the Texas Tribune website Tribtalk, Simpson said,

As a Christian, I recognize the innate goodness of everything that God made and humanity's charge to stewards of the same. In fact, it's for this reason that I'm especially cautious when it comes to laws banning plants. I don't believe that when God made marijuana he made a mistake that government needs to fix.

The difference in what Simpson proposes, and what the other states that have in some way legalized marijuana, is that these other states such as Colorado, has a detailed structure for taxation and regulation of the plant. What Simpson proposes leaves all of the taxes and regulations out of it, and puts Marijuana under Agriculture regulations only.

There are another half dozen steps to go for the bill to become law, but what do you think?


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