Halloween is almost here. The past few years more and more people are displaying blue or teal colored pumpkins at their house. This year you might also see some kids carrying a blue pumpkin bucket. What does it all mean? There are two totally different meanings. 

Blue Pumpkins:


Both colors (blue and teal) are used to let all the trick or treaters (and their parents) know that the house displaying a blue pumpkin means that house is a food-allergen safe stop on Halloween. Those houses will offer special non-food treats. If you're a parent of a child with food allergies Halloween can seriously be a nightmare...literally.

If you plan on having a blue pumpkin at your house and giving out non-food treats, below are some great ideas.

  • Glow Sticks
  • Stickers
  • Fun shaped erasers and pencil toppers
  • Bubbles
  • Temporary Tattoos

A Child Carrying a Blue Pumpkin Bucket:

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Now, if you happen to see a child carrying a blue pumpkin bucket that means that the child is autistic. Last year, the mother of an autistic child posted on social media to encourage other parents of autistic children to carry this color. Her child was not verbal and the woman ran into some houses that wouldn't give her child any candy until he said "Trick or Treat." Needless to say, she had to explain the circumstances over and over again. The blue pumpkin bucket is now the unofficial symbol for autism at Halloween.

The best rule of thumb? Just be sweet to all the children that are Trick or Treating. Don't give them a hard time just give them candy...unless of course, if you've got a blue pumpkin at your house.