Jonas Brothers fans weren't the only ones let down by their breakup and tour cancellation. Their tour crew and opening act, Bonnie McKee, were also pretty devastated by the turn of events.

McKee was shocked by the news as much as total outsiders, because she and other tour employees were taken completely off guard by the decision.

"I was bummed, you know," McKee told E! News. "We had everything all planned out. I was rehearsing for weeks beforehand and just a day before we left and everything was shipped to the East Coast, they pulled the plug," she continued. "It was just a huge shock. It was going to be an two-and-half month tour, so it was going to be a lot (of shows)."

On the bright side, now both McKee and the JoBros can focus on other projects. What will those projects be? Nick is going to take his talents to Broadway and solo musical endeavors, Joe wants to go into acting and continue making his own music and Kevin is going to be a dad -- which will be chronicled on his reality show, 'Married to Jonas.'

As for McKee? Maybe she can keep writing more songs with Katy Perry now that 'Prism' is done.

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