There is a big rivalry between California and Texas. Each state loves to battle each other over politics, business, entertainment, fast food, really anything that can be argued over. Over the last several years, California has been losing citizens by the thousands to other states in the union with most going to Texas. That mass exodus is speculated to have caused the need for these new billboards going up in Los Angeles and San Francisco with a warning for those who want to move to Texas.

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A Billboard with a Strong Warning

A post recently went up on the r/LosAngeles community on Reddit with a picture of a billboard that got both Texans and Californians talking and even debating about who put it up.

A lot of native Texans would probably applaud this billboard because of the number of Californians who are moving to Texas. Its not uncommon anywhere in East Texas to see a California license plate on a car.

Reason for the Exodus from California

A lot of it has to do with the political climate of California which is basically the exact opposite of Texas. Another reason is because California is becoming an unaffordable state to live in with its ridiculously high property values and a high state tax.

Who is behind putting these billboards up?

No one seems to know. The billboards are in San Francisco and Los Angeles but they contain no political affiliation. Some believe that the State of Texas put these up to deter those wanting to move from California. Some think that the State of California put them up to slow the mass exodus. Others think its a ploy by conservatives Californians to scare liberal Californians from voting.

Comments were certainly mixed under the photo:

Chances are these billboards probably won't sway those who have already decided to make the move out of California to Texas or to another state. But these billboards are pretty tacky in my opinion using the Uvalde tragedy as a scare tactic.

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