When it's time for us to clean our cars, where's a good place to go get a vehicle cleaned in Abilene? First off, my wife loves the "ride-along robo-washes", while my son Chris, goes for the "full-service robo-washes" and daughter Angie prefers the do-it-yourself wash. Can you guess which one I prefer?

LOOK: Abilene Area Car Washes

I love the carwashes where I can get in and out all while enjoying a beverage and/or a snack while it's getting done. Honestly, I learned that from the old 50's Classic Carwash that used to be on Judge Ely and East Highway-80 some years ago. My most favorite choice is the ever-popular charity car wash.

As for me, I want it cheap, fast, and convenient unless it's a carwash that is benefitting a local charity. No bells, whistles, or chimes just get it washed, even if it's those self-serve high-pressure wash jobs. But the self-service car washes seem to be going away. I think one day I'll have to break down and buy my own pressure washer and do mine in the driveway as my daddy taught me.

This is a list of the different types of car-washes I discovered in the Abilene area. Plus a couple of the charity fundraisers car washing events that occur around town throughout the year. What I've also learned, is that Abilene offers nearly every type of car wash there is including full-service auto detailing. If I missed one reach out to me and let me know.

For the most part, I'm still going to use the ones being put on by our local charities as fundraisers. But I'd really like to know which one YOU think is best. Please share.

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