The 'Abilene Idol 2021 Finale' competition is this Saturday, February 6th at 7 PM in the Abilene Convention Center at 1100 North 6th Street in downtown Abilene. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, limited seating is available plus social distancing and facemasks will be required. Chorus Abilene Board President Dona Morgan says "this event is the single biggest fundraiser for Chorus Abilene and promises to be the most entertaining and fun ever."

Chorus Abilene's, "Abilene Idol 2021 Finale Edition" features sixteen performers both adult and juniors, al from our local community. The adult competitors are Alyssa ArguijoMisty CalkKathryn DarwinVic GarciaRush LongJeremiah Pequeno, Richard RiedlKeila StephensJustin SuanSamantha Teague. The Junior competitors are Molliegrace NeelyBrody ParrisSarah RighiBranson WalshHadlee Wright and Braxton Parris.

Photo by: Abigail Payne/Chorus Abilene Director

The top ten finalist adults and six finalist juniors can be voted on by clicking on their name above and every vote will cost one dollar (there's a $1,000 amount limit however, there is no limit to how many $1 votes that can be cast). All the money raised benefits Chorus Abilene. The winners will also be judged by the live audience member votes on Feb. 6th and the three-judge panel consensus.

Besides winning the coveted title of "Abilene Idol 2021 Champion", adult winners receive $600 for 1st place, $400 for 2nd and $200 3rd. On the Junior side, winners will receive $300 for 1st place, $200 for 2nd and $100 for 3rd.

To purchase tickets and help donate to Chorus Abilene this year, one can still call 325-673-7464 or go online at To purchase a ticket to the live event at the Convention Center or to purchase an 'online live-stream' ticket  visit the Chorus Abilene website. There will no dinner show this year.

The above video shows the Chorus Abilene 2015 Abilene Idol competition winner Isaac Donaldson. He did a phenomenal job covering that old Frank Sinatra song, watch.

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Photo by: Chorus Abilene/AbigailPayne

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