Well alright, alright, alright. Anne Hathaway is looking to be the latest name to join Christopher Nolan's upcoming sci-fi flick 'Interstellar.'

Deadline reports that Anne Hathaway is closing on a deal that'll reunite her 'Dark Knight Rises' director Christopher Nolan for 'Interstellar,' which already boasts the talent of Matthew McConaughey. This is big news for Hathaway, who won an Oscar for her supporting performance in 'Les Miserables,' and is currently enjoying a great run of projects. McConaughey is in the same boat, with starring roles in last year's 'Magic Mike' (for which he won an Independent Spirit award), 'Bernie' and 'Killer Joe.'

Not much is known about 'Interstellar' just yet -- the plot is being kept tight under wraps for the time being except for this small tidbit: "a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding." However, we do know that the project was originally set up by Steven Spielberg back in 2006, after he became quite enamored with physicist Kip S. Thorne's theory on worm holes.

Spielberg hired Chris Nolan's brother and collaborator Jonah Nolan to write the script, and when Spielberg left the project, Chris stepped in with his own original idea -- together, the brothers Nolan wrote a new script, and while seeing Spielberg's take on the material would have been cool, we gotta say, we're even more excited for what Nolan cooks up.

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