This is either frightening or amazing. Or a little of both.

Trace Dimeff, a guard at Central Arizona College, suffered what he called a mild concussion while scrambling for a loose ball before he got up and nailed a 3-pointer in overtime during his team's game last weekend against Arizona Western College.

You can see Dimeff splayed on the ground by himself before the action swings back his way. He somehow summons the strength to limp over to the left corner where he improbably sinks the trifecta.

Dimeff, who finished with 27 points in what turned out to be an 87-84 loss, said he's doing okay:

It's a crazy play, especially in light of all the concerns about head injuries in sports. What do you think? Should play have been stopped? Do you applaud Dimeff's efforts? Does the fact he kept playing minimize the seriousness of his injury?

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