We're just around the corner from the start of the new league year for the NFL, but it appears the Dallas Cowboys are already thinking about a move at wide receiver.

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According to multiple reports, including ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and others, the Dallas Cowboys are likely to release veteran receiver Amari Cooper. In fact ESPN Insider, Adam Schefter was one of the first to report the news.

The Dallas Cowboys will reportedly try to trade Cooper but if that doesn't work out, then they plan on outright releasing him which would free up some space on the salary cap.  

My question is why?

I mean, I get the whole salary cap situation. But, we're talking about a wide receiver that has scorched opponents with his amazing route running ability. He's fast, he's quick and he doesn't drop many balls. Plus, he's been a leader for a receiving corps that has a young stud in Cee Dee Lamb, and another receiver that is good but seems to be injured a lot in Michael Gallup.

I just don't see why they would part ways with a receiver that is that good as well as a leader and teacher on the team.

Cooper did have an off-year in 2021, catching only 68 passes for 865 yards with 8 touchdowns. I think a lot of that was the scheme, plus the inability of Dak to be accurate with his passes. (Yes, I'll argue all day that Dak is not that accurate.)

If the Cowboys pull the trigger on Coop, that would leave Cee Dee Lamb (who's really good) as the number 1 receiver with the rest of the receiving corps up in the air as Michael Gallup, Cedrick Wilson, Noah Brown, and Malik Turner are going to become free agents.

Again, I get it. It's all about the salary cap. But, you'd think that the team would try to keep the best players on the roster, and I think Amari Cooper is one of the best.

I guess we'll see what happens. In the meantime, I'll keep chanting silently in my head that this next year could be our year.....again.

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