Dave Grohl joked that he’d nearly broken his leg again after tripping onstage during a Foo Fighters show in Florida.

Now a video clip of the incident from April 29 has been shared, and you can watch it below. The moment is reminiscent of the accident in 2015 that left Grohl with multiple fractures – although he continued that performance, and later continued the tour in a throne made for him.

“I almost broke my fucking leg over there,” he told the audience after continuing his strut across the stage. “Here’s the way I look at it: When you get that close to breaking your fucking leg, that means it’s a great show. ... And say I did break my fucking leg – you think I’d fucking go home? You think this show would be over?” When the crowd cried “no,” he replied, “That’s right, motherfuckers.”

The Foo Fighters recently made headlines when they invited a makeup-sporting fan known as “Kiss Guy” onstage, where he delivered a blistering version of “Monkey Wrench” -- which he later confirmed he’d rehearsed just in case his bid to make a guest appearance succeeded.

A similar event took place last week in Nashville, when an eight-year-old boy called Little Fonzie was invited to play Taylor Hawkins’ drum kit, and he performed an impressive solo – although it went on too long. When Little Fonzie refused to stop playing, Grohl was forced to shout “Hey, Dad?” to have the father help end the guest spot. “I don’t know what to do. What do you do? We’ve got a couple more songs we’ve got to do, Fonzie!”

You can watch all that below.

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