A picture of what could possibly be Dave Matthews striking a very curious pose in what could possibly be the waiting room of Las Vegas’s McCarran airport has the internet scratching its collective head.

Dave Matthews skirt

Is that really the famous bandleader? And is he really playing out the lyrics to two of his hit songs by hiking up his skirt a little more and eating too much? Because, if he’s doing that, we’d rather just see him under the table and dreaming.

It was just a couple weeks ago that the internet was sure it had uncovered a photo of Jon Stewart moshing at a punk rock show as a college student, only to find it wasn’t him at all. So this could easily just be a random fellow with a scruffy beard and slightly receding hairline. If it is, we’d still like to know if he’s lost a bet or if he’s maybe discovered a more comfortable new way to travel.

[via Reddit]

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