A few days ago our United States Senator John Cornyn introduced, and assisted in passing an Act in the U.S. Senate to honor one of our very own, from right here in Abilene, Texas (see the video below). The US Senate Act to Honor fallen Border Patrol Agent Donna Doss.

Customs and Border Patrol Agent Donna M. Doss was assisting the DPS in a routine traffic stop when she was struck and killed by a motorist. Our prayers and thoughts are with the Doss family and friends.

Here's What Sen. Cornyn Had To Say About Agent Donna M. Doss

Agent Doss led a distinguished career with the U.S. Border Patrol and outside of her service, she was also a loving wife, daughter, sister, and stepmother,” said Sen. Cornyn. “She lost her life in the line of duty which serves as a solemn reminder of the selfless sacrifices that law enforcement officers and their families make each day. Memorializing her commitment to public safety at the Border Patrol Station in Rocksprings will ensure her legacy lives on for years to come.”

Source: Sen. John Cornyn Legislation Honoring Fallen Abilene Border Patrol Agent News Release.

The Department of Public Safety said, "Doss was walking south across the I-20 access road when she was struck by a westbound vehicle." Senator Cornyn did an awesome job keeping Donna's spirit alive and reminding us of the dangers of unsecured borders.

Want A Job With The Border Patrol?

The Department of Homeland Security is currently looking to hire Customs & Border Patrol Agents. Furthermore, Border Patrol Agents prevent terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the United States by securing our land borders and coastal waters from between ports of entry. If you're interested in a career as a Border Patrol Agent, keep reading.

Working for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) means keeping that you are at the very front of the line in keeping our country safe from dangerous people and materials attempting to cross our border. There's a ton of different career opportunities, from K-9 Inspection to Special Response Team to Horse Patrol, and more.

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