Dee Snider recently appeared on Joy Behar's 'Say Anything' TV show, and he had a few choice words for former vice president Al Gore, whose ex-wife Tipper led a crusade against Snider's music back in the '80s. "I was stunned and very happy," the Twisted Sister frontman said of the Gores' 2011 divorce. "They went after me big-time in the '80s, pointing a lot of fingers."

Snider was referring to the Parents Music Resource Council, which led to the parental-advisory stickers that you see on CDs. Twister Sister was one of the artists that came under a lot of fire for their lyrics at the time. Tipper Gore co-founded the PMRC and personally attacked many hard-rock, metal and R&B musicians for their sexually implicit lyrics.

At one point during his conversation with Behar, Snider addressed the former vice president: "Al, a) I'm still married, and b) none of my kids have been busted for possession. So don't throw stones."

Behar and Snider also discussed the differences between musicians and politicians on her Current TV show. "I think that's why kids look up to rock stars," Snider said. "At least they're being honest and you know who they are. Politicians are hiding everything and being dishonest."

The talk then turned to former US Representative Anthony Weiner, who famously sent a photo of his penis to one of his Twitter followers. Snider compared the incident to Jim Morrison's public airing of his own privates. "When Jim Morrison took his thing out," Snider said, "people were like, 'Oh, that's Jim.'"

You can watch some of the interview in the above video.

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