With Spring Break just around the corner, a lot of us are trying to slim down a little bit to get ready.

Now you can get some help from a pair of pants. The new turbocell leggings are said to aid in weight loss and skin smoothness, as well as reduce cellulite. Leggings can be stylish....or not. Just look at the picture on this blog.


There are a couple of studies that indicate they might work, but at a cost. The leggings fit so tightly-and by that I also mean 'air tight'- that they can increase your body temperature by 3.6 degrees.

The company emphasized that they don't feel that tight, and are not uncomfortable. But to realize any quantifiable results, you'll need to wear the leggings 8 hours a day for about two months (!)

One upside is that they have a slimming effect in and of themselves. The cost for a pair of these miracle britches is about $150. You can see the actual leggings and order them right here at blissworld.com

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