Advancements in technology blow me away. Your driver's license is next up for a digital transformation. Many states have already made the switch. Now Texas is considering the possibility of a digital driver's license. What does this mean for Texans, and why might it be a good idea?

I stumbled across everything I needed to know about these new digital IDs from Upgraded Points. If everything I read plays out in Texas like in other states, these are going to be lifesavers. Since I'm really big on "the more you know", see below why having an ID in the digital age may be better than you think.


Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

Easily Accessible

Say goodbye to the days of freaking out about forgetting your driver's license at home. With a digital ID, your license is as close as your smartphone, something I know most of us don't leave behind often. No more digging through your wallet or purse, just a few taps on your phone, and you're up and going.

Serious Security

Digital driver's licenses would come with state-of-the-art security features. Not only would this cut down on the risk of forgery, but if someone tried to tamper with or duplicate your digital license, high-tech systems would detect it. Also, all personal data would be encrypted, making sure your information is safe.

Photo: Getty Images/Canva
Photo: Getty Images/Canva

Real-time Updates

Updating addresses or renewing licenses can be a pain in the backside. But with a digital system in place, many of these tasks could become smoother and faster. No more trips to the driver's license office or waiting for a new card in the mail. All you do is update your details online and the changes are reflected instantly on your digital license.

Environmentally Smart

Knocking out the need to make plastic cards means fewer materials are used, and less waste is produced. By going digital, Texas would be taking a step in the right direction environmentally.

Utah Tests Mobile Drivers License Pilot Program
Photo: Getty Images

Easy Verification

Law enforcement and other officials would have systems in place to verify digital licenses quickly and accurately. This means faster traffic stops and an overall smoother process for both officers and drivers. I think we all would like that.

The possibility of digital driver's licenses in Texas isn't just about keeping up in the digital age. It's about giving Texans a more convenient and secure way of providing their ID. That makes sense in my book.

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