Not all of us live next to Mister Rogers.

Whether you live in an apartment building, on a plush cul-de-sac or on a remote property near an electrical tower, you have neighbors, be it 20 feet or 20 miles away. Whether you socialize with them, wave politely to them or ignore them while cursing under your breath, these people are somehow a part of your existence.

Neighbors are a tricky business because there are so many factors that can ruin the relationship. Maybe someone plays music too loudly. Maybe someone dumps their garbage on the other's property. Maybe someone never returns borrowed tools. The list of transgressions that may upset one or both parties is about as long as the walk to the other's house to try and talk things out.

No one said we have to best buddies with our neighbors or confide in them like they're Wilson from Home Improvement, but having a good relationship certainly makes things easier.

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