It's one part of growing up that most of us cherish. I know I did. I couldn't wait to turn 16 so I could get my driver's license. Sweet freedom. I was one step closer to personal independence and it felt great. That was a long time ago and the rules of the road have changed over the years.

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Ever wondered if you could pass the Texas driving test nowadays? I found some good questions online at DMV Practice Test but wanted to add some others into the mix. Whether you're preparing for that big day or you just want to test your road knowledge, this quick quiz will help you out.

Here are 10 real practice questions taken from the Texas driving test. Jot down your responses and compare them with the answers below.


Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

1. When another driver is trying to pass you on the left, what should you do?

  • A. Increase your speed to maintain position.
  • B. Move to the right lane, if possible.
  • C. Honk your horn to alert them.
  • D. Turn on your left turn signal.

2. If a school bus is stopped with its red lights flashing on a road divided by a raised barrier, what should drivers on the opposite side do?

  • A. Stop until the red lights stop flashing.
  • B. Continue driving without stopping.
  • C. Honk their horn to warn children.
  • D. Drive at a reduced speed.
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

3. At an intersection with a stop sign, you should stop and:

  • A. Go when you feel it's your turn.
  • B. Go only when the road ahead is clear of traffic.
  • C. Yield the right-of-way to vehicles on the through road.
  • D. Honk your horn before proceeding.

4. What does a flashing yellow traffic signal mean?

  • A. Stop and wait for the green signal.
  • B. Proceed with caution.
  • C. Stop and yield to all cross traffic.
  • D. The light is out of order.
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

5. In Texas, which of the following must always yield the right of way at intersections to pedestrians?

  • A. Trucks
  • B. Bicycles
  • C. Cars
  • D. All of the above

6. If two vehicles arrive at an uncontrolled intersection (an intersection without stop or yield signs) at the same time, who has the right of way?

  • A. The vehicle on the left.
  • B. The vehicle on the right.
  • C. The vehicle that is traveling faster.
  • D. The larger vehicle.
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

7. What is the minimum speed on Texas highways, if no speed limit is posted?

  • A. 30 mph
  • B. 45 mph
  • C. 60 mph
  • D. 70 mph

8. When can you lawfully drive on the shoulder of a highway in Texas?

  • A. To pass another vehicle.
  • B. To stop, stand, or park.
  • C. When your vehicle is overheating.
  • D. None of the above.
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

9. In Texas, it is illegal to park:

  • A. Within how many feet of a fire hydrant?
  • B. Within how many feet of a stop sign?
  • C. Within how many feet of a crosswalk at an intersection?
  • D. All of the above.

10. When driving on a slippery surface, what should you do?

  • A. Brake hard.
  • B. Steer in the opposite direction of the skid.
  • C. Increase your speed to gain control.
  • D. Decrease your speed and drive with caution.
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva


1. B, 2. B, 3. C, 4. B, 5. D, 6. B, 7. A, 8. D, 9. D, 10. D

How did you do? Whether you aced it or learned something new again, it's always a great idea to refresh yourself on the rules of the road. Be safe out there.

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