This patient looked breath right in the eye.

These Spanish-speaking doctors perform surgery to remove 18 toothbrushes from someone's stomach. If you're squeamish, may we recommend this video of cute puppies that's much easier to watch? If you're not squeamish, may we recommend the same video because, seriously, this is pretty sick?

The doctors fill up a tray with the toothbrushes the way you fill up your stomach with popcorn when you go to see one of the 300 superhero movies that come out every year.

And to show that he -- or she -- has a balanced diet or inanimate objects, doctors appear to pull out a corkscrew and a pair of tweezers, reports the Daily Mail.

As you may have suspected, it's highly unlikely the patients swallowed the items by accident. It's not like he grabbed a handful of chips and realized, "Oh, man, I think someone tampered with the bags and I just ate a slew of toothbrushes."

A British doctor said, "Nearly all cases like this are patients with psychiatric disorders. You have to voluntarily swallow such a long, rigid object. It may be surprising but it is possible to overcome the gag reflex, it's mind over matter."

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