For all the havoc snow can wreak, it can also bring so much joy.

This dog can certainly attest to that. The pooch slides down what appears to be a course made for skiing. And, hey, who needs skis when you can be your own skis? Actually, the dog looks more like he is it's own sled. Whatever he's going for works, it totally works.

So, while winter can turn your house into a smaller scale fortress of solitude or make driving a real hazard, it's good to remember that the season is also a time for fun. Remember that the next time you're trying to defrost your car in your driveway as you chip your teeth from all the chattering.

This dog totally embraces the cold. We say it ought to think about moving to one of the chilliest cities in the U.S. because there is no way he's going to be fazed.

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