The Donald has made a lot of money, done a ton of deals, but this one is special in his history.

According to the website, Donald Trump's  first "trophy" home, which sits on a 5.8 acre parcel of land on a peninsula in Greenwich, CT, is up for sale for a measly $45 million dollars.

In 1982, Trump and former wife Ivana bought the home for $4 million dollars. After 9 years, and a number of revisions and remodels, Ivana won the home in the Trump's 1991 divorce. She later sold it for $15 million in 1998. The 19,000-plus square foot colonial-style home was originally built in 1939, and the new owners after Ivana added tennis courts, a dock and other amenities.

It has just under six acres of waterfront property, and was recently reduced from $54 million. In case you've got that kind of money "floating around," the agent is Tamar Lurie of Coldwell Banker in Greenwich, CT.

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