Driving here in the Lone Star State comes with its own set of rules and regulations, especially when it comes to your car's license plate. These may seem like small details but they can lead to an unwelcome surprise in the form of a ticket if attention is not given.

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My initial thought was wondering if a front license plate is required in Texas. An article from Thompson Law Firm had the answer plus other violations that could land you in hot water. Scroll along to see how many of these you with which you comply.



Not Having Two Plates Visible

In Texas, most vehicles have to have two license plates: one in the front and one in the back. If you're missing one, or if either is not visible, you could get pulled over and ticketed. It's all about making sure your vehicle can be identified from both directions.

Obscured or Dirty License Plates

If your license plate is dirty or has a frame that covers any part of the information on the plate, that's a no-go. Texas law requires that the entire plate, including all letters and numbers, be visible at all times.

Altered or Fictitious Plates

Using a license plate that has been altered, like changing a letter or number, or using a fake plate, is a serious offense. Not only will you get ticketed, but it could also lead to more severe legal trouble.


Improper Lighting of License Plate

Texas law requires your rear license plate to be illuminated by a white light, making it visible from 50 feet away in the dark. If your plate light is out or not working right, you could be pulled over and ticketed.

Unsecured License Plate

If your license plate is hanging by a thread or looks like it might fall off at any moment, that's a ticket waiting to happen. Plates have to be securely fastened to your vehicle.

Driving through Texas can be an awesome experience but overlooking small details can sure get you pulled over. Take a few minutes to check your plates before your next ride.

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The Texas DMV allows you to construct a message using: letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols including hyphens, periods, hearts, stars, or the state silhouette. However the message is not allowed to be indecent, vulgar, or have derogatory content.

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