Okay, so the argument started about ten years ago at "Casa Fernandez" during Thanksgiving when a dear friend from Michigan and his wife from Canada described one of my wife's dessert creations as a PEE-CAN pie. One simple word sent my head spinning, that word was "pee-can." That quickly became the heated discussion at Thanksgiving dinner.

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Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

Let me digress, my dad had been in and out of the hospital and I had been helping him get up out of bed and run to the bathroom. When a kind nurse at Hendrick Hospital offered my dad a special container for which he could use to go to the bathroom. The container the nurse gave him she affectionately called, a pee-can.

Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

It was then when I asked the nurse if it would be possible to purchase one of those cans for urination from the hospital, to which she replied I'll get you one, and I still have it today. I have kept that can in my truck in the event I should ever need it. I will admit, the can comes in handy but I would never let my wife use it to make a pie at Thanksgiving.

Fast forward now to the recent craft show, bake sale, and women's ministry fair at the Church last weekend. A craft fair attendee had purchased from the bake sale a beautiful, perfectly baked, delicious-looking, pecan pie to which my friend Jo referred to as a pee-can pie.

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So for the record, I have included a photograph of a pecan which is a nut off of a pecan tree and can be made into pecan pies the other photograph is that of my trusty companion that I keep in my truck, the good old pee-can, notice the difference" If ever you want to sound like you are a Texan or that you are from Abilene, please do not mispronounce the word pecan unless it's a container you need to use when on the road.

FYI, pecans can be made into pecan pie, pecan praline, pecan brittle, pecan butter, pecan coffee, and my all-time favorite brown sugar pecan bourbon. Let the party begin.

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