A college student bound for Pullman and Washington State University almost didn't get there after an epic mixup. But thanks to police, they did.

Over the weekend, Saturday, the unnamed male college student was trying to fill his car for the trip to Pullman. However, according to Kennewick police on their Facebook page, a pump mixup resulted in their gas being pumped into somebody else's car! Apparently not the fault of the college student.

In an act of unbelievable generosity, the college student PAID for the gas for the other customer, because THEY apparently didn't have enough money!

But it burned up all the funds on hand for the student, and they were going to be stranded. However, the Kennewick Police Department was able to buy a tank of gas for the driver, using the community fund that's filled by donations from the public.

The Community fund is largely made up of donations from the public, and occasional grants. It's used for emergency housing, food, fuel and other purposes when police run across folks in dire need.

Thanks to YOUR donations, this college student is headed back to school. Here's hoping the other driver pays it forward as well!

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