The May 5th local election is in the rear-view mirror for all but two people - Bruce Kreitler and Jack Rentz.

Kreitler and Rentz are now in a runoff for Abilene City Council Place 2.

Mr. Kreitler is the incumbent, finishing up his first term, and Mr. Rentz is the challenger in this runoff. In the May 5th election, Place 2 was hotly contested by Kreitler, Rentz, and Mrs. Alex Terrell Russell. Rentz received most votes during the May 5th election, but not the majority - hence the runoff.

You still have time to research each candidate and vote for the one that best represents your voice.

You can get more info about each candidate on their respective Facebook page:

If you're not sure if you are registered, then you can verify here.

Polling locations and times for early voting in Abilene.


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