File this one under 'only in Texas'.

On Monday we asked our audience to send us the best pictures and videos of snow in East Texas. We were not disappointed. In fact, we shared our favorites in a post yesterday, which included 'Texas sledding', a girl talking to her phone and then slipping on ice only to send the camera flying, and a ton of dog-in-snow pics. But this 9-second-clip takes the cake.

Logan Montandon of Overton shared a nine second video of a snowman about 100 yards away. You can barely see it in the top left corner of the video above. Then... BOOM! It explodes - the way any East Texas celebration should end.

Logan told us:

Everyone was talking about building snowmen and someone asked if anyone had any tannerite to put in a snowman.

Well, he did. About 1/2 pound tub of it. So him and his girlfriend built a snowman, cut a hole in the bottom and set up the explosives that East Texans are certainly familiar with on account of our ever-growing hog problems. After it was set up, they moved about 100 yards away and shot at it. The rest, as they say, is snowman-in-pieces-history.

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