The Ed Sheeran U.K. Boy Band Peace Summit is on the horizon!

The ginger kid is said to be brokering a peace treaty between continually at-odds boy bands One Direction and the Wanted. Oh, how the Queen must be proud of artistic Brits for attempting to achieve a truce.

Sheeran reportedly offered to help end the feud between the bands, who have gone at it via social media for about a year and change. The Wanted took a few shots at 1D, who responded. The source of the beef seems to stem from the fact that the latter got famous from 'X Factor' while the former gigged in clubs on their way to the top.

Whatever -- details of the squabble and who started with who are immaterial at this point.

Since Sheeran is friends with both bands, he is smack dab in the middle and in the unique position to create a peace accord and verbal ceasefire.

The Wanted's Tom Parker revealed that Sheeran pointed out the immaturity of the beefage.

Parker said, "He said the whole thing is stupid and wants us to get over it because he's close to both groups. I think if we sat down and got drunk together then we would probably all get on."

Parker said that Sheeran made the offer while hanging with his Wanted bros on their bus. "We're pretty close with him. We ordered bottles of Jagermeister and drank the night away. But he went to bed before us," Parker said. "Well, to be honest, he ended up passed out on the bunk!"

Parker also apologized for his comments about Louis Tomlinson's sexual preferences on Twitter.

He admitted he said it when he was mad and tensions were high.

Make it happen, Ed! Boys, can't we all just get along?

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