If you were a child of the 1980′s, chances are that you love Eddie Murphy. You can probably recite much of his stand up from his special ‘Delirious’ (“Lemonade… that cool refreshing drink”) or bits from ‘Trading Places’ or ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ by heart. And though Eddie Murphy has spent much of the last two decades disappointing fans on the big screen, it looks like he may be taking his biggest franchise to the small screen.

Vulture is reporting that Murphy has teamed up with Shawn Ryan to bring ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ to TV, with Murphy on as a producer, and also a supporting player. The idea for the show seems to be that Murphy would be the chief of police in Detroit and whoever they cast as his son would be the lead. How much Beverly Hills plays into the show is unknown, nor if Detectives Billy Rosewood or Detective Sergeant John Taggart retired nearby.

Shawn Ryan is best known for creating ‘The Shield,’ which had a very dark sense of humor and makes for an interesting combination of sensibilities, as it would at least (hopefully) keep the show grounded. And if nothing else this sounds miles better than the proposed ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4,’ which had Brett Ratner attached to direct for a while.

Apropos of very little, here’s Eddie Murphy’s “Boogie in your Butt”:

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