Eminem and Duran Duran lead the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s 2022 fan tally after 1 million votes.

As of this writing, Eminem leads this year's nominee pool at more than 142,000 votes, followed in the top five by Duran Duran (more than 119,000), Pat Benatar (more than 112,000), Dolly Parton (more than 95,000) and Eurythmics (more than 73,000).

Four other artists have received more than 50,000 votes, with Lionel Richie (more than 67,000), Judas Priest (more than 65,000), Carly Simon (more than 60,000) and Rage Against the Machine (more than 50,000) following close behind.

The rest of the pool, announced on Feb. 2, includes Devo (more than 41,000), A Tribe Called Quest (more than 40,000), Dionne Warwick (just less than 40,000), Kate Bush (more than 37,000), New York Dolls (more than 25,000), Beck (more than 23,000), MC5 (more than 20,000) and Fela Kuti (more than 15,000). The full breakdown is available at the Rock Hall site.

Fans can vote for their favorite nominees online through April 29. The top five acts, as selected by the public, will comprise a “fans ballot” counted among the 1,000-plus ballots sent to artists, historians and music industry professionals.

The Rock Hall’s 2022 class will be announced in May. Though the event itself has yet to be detailed, ceremony director Joe Gallen said in January that it will be held in Los Angeles for the first time since 2013. “I can’t say the venue for sure yet, but definitely L.A. it looks like in early November,” he said on an episode of the Who Cares About the Rock Hall? podcast.

The 2021 class featured Todd RundgrenTina Turner, Carole King, Foo Fighters, the Go-Go's and Jay-Z.

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